About the company

The National Commodity Company is one of the leaders in the supply of fine powder materials in Ukraine.

Having our own and involved fleet of specialized trucks manufactured by world leaders, we carry out the transportation of fine fillers at any distance on the most favorable terms for consumers. Uninterrupted operation of equipment is provided by timely scheduled maintenance and compliance with load standards.

The goal of NCC is to become a leading supplier and carrier of fine powder materials and inert fillers in Ukraine, providing customers with a service corresponding to the highest European standards.

Timely deliveries are achieved by the coordinated work of the logistics department, reliable operation of equipment and professionalism of drivers.

The most valuable for us are our employees – a team of professionals with many years of experience, people who are not indifferent to the work process, who strive for development and self-improvement, a large friendly “family” with an active life position.