We produce and sell the following types of products:

  • Mineral powder activated with MPA1;
  • Mineral powder not activated MP1;
  • Flour of limestone (dolomitic);
  • Building filler from limestone.

At the request of the consumer, the products can be packed in:

  • polypropylene bags of 25 ± 1 kg;
  • soft containers of the “big-bag” type for 1 ton.

Shipment of products is carried out by the following modes of transport:

  • Automobile – in “big bags” for 1 ton or bags of 25 kg on pallets of 1 ton;
  • Truck – in bulk in cement carrier;
  • Rail – in “big bags” for 1 ton or bags of 25 kg (type of rolling stock: covered railway wagon);
  • Railway – in bulk (type of rolling stock: hopper-cement railway wagon, covered railway wagon or a railway semi-wagon).
Basic qualitative indices of the released products:
The name of the indicator Norm Actual indicators
Grain composition-content of particles,percentage by mass,
not less than:

– Smaller than 0.071 mm

– Smaller than 0.315 mm

– Smaller than 1.25 mm









Humidity, percentage, not more than 1,0 0,3
Quantity of clay impurities, percentage by mass, not more than 5 0,98