Fire extinguishing powders «PRO-MIX АВС-50», «PRO-MIX АВС-40», «PRO-MIX АВС-30» are widely used in fire extinguishers, fire-control units, as well as on fire engines of powder and combined firefighting in all climatic zones, under GOST 15155, at the temperature from -50оС to+50оС.

The products are manufactured under Technical Conditions in force and its qualitative indices meet EN 615 and DSTU 3105 (GOST 26952) requirements. Powders are meant for extinguishing fires of classes:

  • А (solid and simmering materials);
  • В (combustible and piceous liquids);
  • С (combustible gases);
  • Е (electric equipment under voltage up to 1000 W.).
Basic qualitative indices of the released products:
Index designation and measurement unit Norm of the DSTU (State Standard of Ukraine) 3105
Water mass fraction, % NMT 0,35
Apparent density of the uncompressed powder kg/m3, NMT 700
Apparent density of the compressed powder kg/m3, NMT 900
Tendency to water absorption, % NMT 3,0
Granulometric composition:
– Sieve residue № 1К GOST (State Standard) 6613, % NMT 0
– Sieve residue № 02К GOST (State Standard) 6613, % NMT 1,0
– Sieve residue № 005К GOST (State Standard) 6613, % NMT 30,0
Suitability for fire extinguishing:
– Class A Suitable
– Class B Suitable
– Class C Suitable
Instability by mass fraction of powder residue in fire extinguisher not more than 15%, kg.sec-1, not less than 0,28
Thermal impact stability Stable
Vibration stability Stable

Products are packed in:

– polypropylene sacks with  PET pads of 25 ± 1 kg.;

– soft containers big-bags of 1 ton.

Minimum batch 25 kg.

Products are shipped by all kinds of transport:

  • Motor car (from 1 to 20 tones);
  • Railway. Rolling stock type: boxcar; gondola car;
  • Sea transport. Ukraine, South Port, Port Mariupil.
  • Delivery by courier «Nova Poshta», «TNT», «DHL».