About the company

PRO MIX Company is Ukrainian manufacturer of fire extinguishing powders of general and specific purpose. The company is specialized on manufacturing fire extinguishing powders based on phosphorus and ammonium salts and alkaline metals bicarbonates, having own unique developments formulations and proportions.

The company launched work in the field of fire extinguishing powders in 2012, starting with choosing technology, equipment, modes of operation and production regulations. At the same time in close collaboration with the leading practicing specialists and specialized institutes in the field of fire extinguishing and inorganic chemistry a high-performance formulation of fire extinguishing powders was elaborated. Using unique modern, high-quality and high-performance equipment the plant launched planned production of fire extinguishing powder OPU-АВС(Е)-50 in the second half of 2013 with its subsequent certification.

PRO-MIX company goal is to become a leading manufacturer of fire extinguishing powders in Europe, demonstrating stable leadership in quality and economic efficiency.

At the beginning of 2014 main production facilities were re-equipped, what enabled to extend the range of products manufacture, as well as to increase efficiency of the whole line. The plant mastered production of fire extinguishing powder OPU-АВС(Е)-50, OPU -АВС(Е)-40, OPU -АВС(Е)-30, having the possibility to carry out production to individual orders of customers.


In order to enter international markets LLC “PRO-MIX” performed re-branding in 2015 and under offered the customers a line of powders «PRO-MIX АВС-50», «PRO-MIX АВС-40» and «PRO-MIX АВС-30» under the label of the same name. Due quality and conformity with the highest world standards for fire extinguishing powders is corroborated by numerous tests, performed by profile las, certification bodies, as well as branch leaders among manufacturers of fire extinguishers and automatic fire-control units.