Products & Services

“FAKEL” plant specializes in production and maintenance:

  • Powder fire extinguisher (mine) – «PFE-8» with a cylinder with a gas displacer.
  • Water Mine Fire Extinguisher – «WMFE-9(i)».

In addition, we sell the following types of products:

  • Powder fire extinguishers – 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 40, 50, 90, 100.
  • Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers – 1.4; 2; 3.5; 5 and others.

Thus, we offer our customers a comprehensive supply of fire extinguishers and their service.
Traditionally, the main means of primary fire safety in mines is a fire extinguisher. The main models of fire extinguishers used in mining are – PFE-8 with a cylinder with a gas displacer and WMFE-9(i).

This is dictated by several factors:
1.the possibility of safe use of mine fire extinguisher in underground workings. The safety of their use is due to a fundamentally different, in comparison with general industrial fire extinguishers, technical design.

2.high efficiency of fire extinguishing:

Our fire extinguishers use fire extinguishing powders of significantly better extinguishing quality than general industrial ones. This allows you to extinguish fires of larger sizes with the same amount of charge;

3. ease of use. (Ability to eliminate fires at the initial stage at almost any point of the mine);

4. high product reliability:

  • a) significantly higher reliability of use in coal mines fire extinguisher PFE-8 in comparison with general industrial analogues is due to the use of structurally fundamentally different more complex implementation of the shut-off and starting device of its own production. In the shut-off and starting device of the mine fire extinguisher PFE-8, in contrast to the general industrial ones, metal 3 times thicker and stronger, additional rubberizing of parts, alloys of non-ferrous metals are used. This allows you to achieve the required reliability of the product.
  • b) the design feature of the mine fire extinguisher PFE-8 completely eliminates the possibility of caking and accumulation of moisture of the fire extinguishing powder inside the housing, due to the fact that it is inside without pressure. This allows, in contrast to the general industrial fire extinguisher, to ensure its efficiency in 99.9% of cases within the warranty period.

5. relatively low cost of the product and its service in comparison with automated fire extinguishing systems.

6. ease of use. The use of a fire extinguisher does not require special skills and knowledge on the part of staff.