PJSC “Makeyevka Plant «FAKEL»” specializes in the production of fire extinguishers that meet the highest world quality standards, designed for use in particularly difficult operating conditions. The company produces fire extinguishers based on its own unique developments. For many years, ongoing work on quality control, laboratory testing and research with leading specialized research institutes.

The quality of our products is recognized all over the world, as evidenced by the prizes and diplomas with which the Plant has been awarded at many international exhibitions:

  • 1996 – International Prize and Diploma “For the Best Trademark” (Madrid, Spain);
  • 1996 – International Prize and Diploma “For Best Brand” (Rome, Italy);
  • 1999 – International Prize “Arch of Europe for Quality” (Paris, France);
  • 2000 – International Prize “Platinum Star” “For Quality and Excellence” (New York, USA);
  • 2005 – prize and diploma of the All-Ukrainian competition “100 best goods of Ukraine” (Ukraine);
  • 2011 – Diploma “Best Trademark” at the X International Exhibition “Defense Technologies” (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  • 2012 – Diploma “Best Trademark” at the XI International Exhibition “Defense Technologies” (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  • 2020 – Gold medalist of the National Business Rating “Industry Leader 2019” (Ukraine).