About the company

PJSC “Makeyevka Plant «FAKEL»” is a leader in Ukraine in the production of fire extinguishers designed for use in aggressive environments. Our company was founded in 1981 and specializes in the production and maintenance of unique mine portable fire extinguishers brand PFE-8 and WMFE-9(i), which have no analogues in Ukraine. These fire extinguishers are made in a design that allows their use in underground mining, and have all the necessary permits for use in mines, including hazardous to gas and dust.

The purpose of the “FAKEL” plant is to provide reliable primary fire safety in the most difficult conditions of operation of products, stably keeping a high world bar of quality.

The plant has a closed production cycle, and production facilities allow to fully meet the needs of fire extinguishers of all enterprises of the coal industry of Ukraine.

Due to hostilities in eastern Ukraine, as well as the temporary occupation of part of the territory, our company was forced to move. In 2015, the production of PJSC “Makeyevka Plant «Fakel»” was moved to the Zaporizhia region, and the head office was located in Kyiv.